Office Spaces

Split Spaces ‘Office Spaces’ offer private and exclusive work environments, with the opportunity to open your door and immerse yourself into the creative and collaborative environment of Split Spaces. Office spaces offer the best of both worlds and provide existing businesses that like their quiet or privacy a little bit more than the co-working environment.

When operating from a Split Spaces ‘Office Space’ you have access to a supportive and creative network to assist in your development and growth, while operating an existing, growing or developing business.

Co-Working Spaces

Split Spaces ‘Co-Working Spaces’ are dedicated spaces designed to allow interaction, support and collaboration. Most large offices operate using this style of environment and it allows you to quickly brainstorm ideas with other people, get assistance when it's needed and develop relationships with other professionals and businesses within the space. Co-Working spaces are exciting, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial space that provide exponential opportunities for businesses and concepts to develop and grow. These spaces are also great for groups and projects.

Creative/Fun Spaces

Split Spaces ‘Fun Spaces’ are exactly that...... fun, yet creative! We often get caught up in working as many hours as we can throughout the day, trying to meet deadlines and cramming as much as we can into one day..... but reality is that it's not productive. That’s where ‘Fun Spaces’ becomes a useful tool. There are numerous theories suggesting that taking time to take breaks regularly to stop boredom, refreshes your thought patterns, helps to retain information, re-evaluate goals etc. and Split Spaces ‘Fun Spaces’ provides this opportunity to unwind, refresh and get creative with like-minded people.

Utility Spaces

Split Spaces ‘Utility Spaces’ are integral to the space and to the operation of your business. Utility spaces come in many shapes and sizes to support productive operations such as; Printing, Stapling, Binding, Servers, Kitchen, Storage, Showers/Toilets etc.

Kitchen - Full kitchen facilities cater for most requirements, fridge space for lunches, preparation areas, tea & coffee facilities etc.

Printing/Admin - printing , copying, scanning, binding, stapling, everything you need for your admin activities